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I am Christy Beasley, wife of Brad, mama to 3 year old Molly Grace and 13 month old brother Boone! (Yes, I've got to update more pictures with him included!)  Brad and I have spent years leading worship at churches, camps, conferences, and events all over the U.S.  We live in a 1940's farmhouse that belonged to my husbands grandparents before us...and we have been remodeling it for what seems like forever!  I am obsessed with a semi-granny-chic-farmhouse style!  I love comfy and fun fashion.  I believe strongly in improving our health and the environment of our home by living a toxin/chemical free lifestyle + using essential oils for ALL the things.  I'm motivated by helping other women live their best life, healthy, happy, full of life, and embracing and celebrating the amazing creation that they are!

I've been creating and selling my artwork for over 12 years now and just love making art that encourages the heart of others!  Much of my artwork overflows from my love for worshiping Jesus.  As a worship leader myself, it's only natural that I create things with my hands that glorify God, just as my music does. 

Going from a mother of one to a mother of two this year has been challenging to say the least!  But I'm learning to take things as they come, accept the messiness of it, and continue to chase the dreams that God has placed on my heart for my family and those who wish to tag along!  I refuse to waste this life.  I am determined to live it to the FULLEST!

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- Christy Beasley

Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!
— Psalm 95:6

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