True Thankfulness


Thinking some thoughts about thankfulness today❤️ Someone very close to us in ministry has always said, “you can tell where someone is with the Lord by the thankfulness of their hearts.”  And don’t we know that what’s in the heart usually comes out.  I truly believe that real, honest thankfulness is one of the most beautiful traits in a person.  True thankfulness screams, “it’s not about me”, “I’m happy when others are blessed”, “I’ll make sacrifices to see others blessed”, “I’m grateful for everything I’ve been given and realize i don’t deserve any of it”, “I can praise Jesus for the storms of life because I know that in all things He works it out for my good”.....a thankful heart proves, JESUS IS THE CENTER OF MY LIFE. 

It’s hard to feel or exude any of the above statements in our life when we are focused inward.  How can we truly be thankful when we can’t stop thinking about how we’ve been wronged or anticipating the next moment of disappointment?  I feel like this time of year can easily lead to disappointment because we are looking at everyone else’s life, whether it’s your real neighbor or family or on social media, and wishing we were where they are.  Mad that we don’t have what they have be it physical or emotional.  Looking inward.  Everyone else’s situation makes us think something about ourself.  Jealousy or happiness.  Jealous over someone else’s life.  Or happy for them that they are there.  We have a choice.  Sometimes the only thing we can control is our we respond to any information brought before us. If we are living in a place of true thankfulness, our minds and hearts will prove it.  There is freedom in having a thankful heart!❤️ But how?  GET WITH JESUS.  We need Him so badly.  You can’t (for the long haul) produce good fruit and experience true freedom apart from HIM....for any amount of time.  If you are desperate enough to get your emotions together and your heart and mind in a good place....SEEK JESUS.  Love Him and honor Him with your time and attention more than you do anything else in life!  Desire Him.  Do what it takes to spend time in His Word and dwell in His presence.  (...continued in comments)

And realize, you can’t MAKE yourself thankful.  You can’t WORK your way to closeness with God.  You must humble yourself before Him....let Him draw you near by just BEING with Him.  By opening your bible every day, several times a day....talking to Him when you don’t FEEL anything.  We’ve got to stop being so dramatic and emotional about not FEELING or HEARING Him.  You don’t become close to a person in a 5 minute conversation.  You spend time.  And you LISTEN.  Y’all, I’m not preaching at you, I’m living this with you.  I could talk about this for hours because I feel so many things!  I also feel like we are seeing a generation of people (and I️ don’t just mean a certain age range) who are told that they need to just be “real and open about everything”....”say how you feel”....”express yourself”.....”you are entitled to your own opinion”.  But I feel like in all these things, we are abusing it in a sense and expecting people to jump at our every feeling and need.  Like, because I’ve expressed these things, someone needs to fix it for me.  Y’all, disappointment is LIFE.  But we can chose our response, in our own hearts and minds without having to express it outward.  Again, I’m just a fellow human here, and I️ haven’t heard or read this anywhere to honest, so I’m kinda putting myself out there with how I think about this.  But I really believe sometimes we just need to do the opposite of what we’ve been taught about “being honest with our feelings”.  I’m not saying we need to lie, of course not.  But I personally think we need to deal with some of our “stuff” with Jesus.  We need to throw our entitled thoughts and feelings out the window, take our thoughts captive, and ask Jesus about it.  I promise you, more times than not, Jesus will help you deal with those things without you having to make another person feel bad or without lashing out in an unhealthy way. 

2 Corinthians 10:5

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

2 Peter 1:3

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

If you are a Christian, you have everything you need through Him.  There are no excuses.  That sounds harsh, I know, but I’m just feeling this so strongly this morning friends.  We’ve got to start taking steps toward wholeness in Him and taking responsibility for our closeness to Him.  We can’t make ourselves live a “better” life.  But we’ve got to make an effort to think different and stop expecting magic.  Start living for Him.  Do something for someone else.  Think about someone else.  My youth pastor always said, “when you feel bad about yourself or down in the dumps, SERVE SOMEBODY.”  Think outward. 

Y’all, that was totally just came out and I didn’t expect all that!  But it’s helped me today too, and I hope it will help you too! 

Happy Thanksgiving month!!!

Smoothie Bowls...Our Fav Treat!

So Molly Grace and I have a new favorite Summer Treat...the smoothie bowl!   


Y'all, really, this may be the shortest recipe post everrrrr...but I had to share with the world if you haven't heard!  (But check Pinterest if you want to REALLY be amazed and see my bowl put to shame!) 

1.  Make a smoothie as you usually would!  We are usually pretty simple:

 • frozen strawberries and bananas

• vanilla almond milk  

• vanilla Greek yogurt

2.  Pour in a bowl, then top with whatever want, or in our case, whatever we have!  Today was: 

• grapes

• granola

• mini chocolate chips

• dehydrated marshmallows  

The options are endless though really!  We like to top with peaches when we have them, or any fruit!  But one requirement, Molly Grace must ALWAYS have chocolate.  Who can blame her?!  She totally hogs all the chocolate too, but whatevs.   


So there you have it!  Super easy, everyone should get in on this!  Enjoy the rest of your week y'all! 

stay happy! 



Toddler + Infant: How we survive nursing sessions.


No telling how many of these Toddler + Infant posts I'll do, but I thought it'd be fun to post about this wild and crazy ride we are on.  So I may post these things out of order as I think backwards and in the present simultaneously much of the time!   


So lately I've been trying to take more notice of the ways we can all hang together a little more peacefully while I'm tied up in the chair nursing brother Boone.  (If you're just following me for the first time, Molly Grace is 2.5 and Boone is 3 months old.)  It seems like every time I sit down to feed Boone, MG immediately had a neeeeeed.  Sometimes legit, sometimes not...I mean, she's 100% toddler sooooo, you know.  Either way, I've never wanted her to feel left out or pushed aside because brother Boone takes up a lot of time these days.  So here are some things that have been working for us lately when I'm stuck in that nursing chair: 


1.  Books!  She loves books right now, so this is a no-brainer.  Is it super easy to help turn pages and read to a squiggly toddler while nursing a baby...not really.  BUT I've found that if she's happy and occupied it's worth the extra effort.  She picks out the books and brings them to my lap and we get to reading! 

2.   Tea Time.  Not "real" tea time, but I ask her to fix me some hot tea and anything else, and she goes to her kitchen happily and fixes me up some goooooood tea!  She'll go back and forth several times upon my neeeeedy requests for goodies.  She is so proud about it too!

3.  Drawing.  Pretty simple, but I'll invite her to sit next to us and color in a little book that doesn't overwhelm the chair.  

4.  Movie and popcorn.  Not saying she sits for movie too long, but the popcorn helps cause to her that's super cool right now. 

5.  Good ole fashioned snuggling!  Obviously, this only works for smaller amounts of time, because it usually leads to climbing and craziness....BUT, when moods line up and she's feeling lovey dovey, we take advantage of cuddles! 


And there are plenty other games we make up as we go on a daily basis!  But probably her most favorite thing is to smother him with the entire time!  It's a sweetly wild life we have going over here! 

thanks for following along! 


Fun Summer Treat

I don't know about y'all, but I hear the following request more than anything else out of my toddler's mouth lately...

 "I want a snack, I want a snack, I WANT A SNACK..." (on repeat...alllllll dayyyy looong)

And you probably know, in a toddler's mind, only certain types of food fall into their idea of a "snack". (Insert eye roll).  

So Molly Grace looooves these, so we thought we'd share with you!


• f r o z e n  y o g u r t  b i t e s • 

They are as simple as it sounds!  This post will be super short, because there's nothing to it!   

What you need: 

 • mini ice cube tray

• any kind of yogurt you like

Simply fill the mini ice cube tray with the yogurt, making sure it's all smooshed in the holes and the air bubbles out. Then pop in the freezer til frozen!  The hardest part for me was popping them out of the tray, cause it's a silicone tray and they kinda wanted to hang out in there a bit.  


And that's it!  Enjoy!  With your kid of course, if they'll share!  

Have a sweet day!




When your thinker is in overdrive with many things to accomplish, but you spend most the day reading books with the babe, letting her "wash dishes", cleaning up messes, and cooking all the stop and say, these are the days that are flying by.The list is still there, and I'm watching time slip away every a new baby boy is joining us in less than 7 weeks! I've not bought a thing for him yet, the nursery is about to go through more demo, I'm potty training baby girl next week, and learning to train a 2 year old about life in general, have a studio that's a wreck and full of half painted art, and my nesting mama feelings are wanting to organize everything in the house.....but it's not all gonna happen.And it's ok.I want to enjoy these last few weeks with Molly Grace, getting her ready to be a big sister, and soaking up all the sweet belly kisses she gives her baby brother☺️ I'm having to choose to let go of all the things my imagination is cooking up, and walk out each day as it comes.We are mamas, and it never ALL gets done....but our babies don't care.I remember always being told that "babies show no mercy", and this is very true!But they also continually pour out grace if we take time to notice.They don't care a thing about perfectionism or a tidy house or a checked off list....they just care about mommy and daddy.And I'm sooooo glad that is enough!❤❤❤


Joyful Sound Series NOW LIVE!

I've been talking about this series for a little bit now...and it's finally available for purchase!  The Joyful Sound series comes from my love for music!  I'm a worship leader, musician, and songwriter, so I always seem to have music on the brain.  We laugh around here about our lives being like one big musical...singing all over the house all day long! 

More than that though, I believe that the Lord has put a song in our hearts to sing, and that sound is joyful!  It's not always a "song", but just the sound of our hearts proclaiming who He is!  I also thought about the sweet sound of a kid humming a tune, and birds sweetly singing as they were created to do, and the angels singing around the throne of God. 

I hope you enjoy this 10 painting series as much as I enjoyed creating it!  Each painting is 12x12" and $60 each.  Only one of each original painting!   Click here to shop and purchase!

Thanks for supporting my family by loving my art!

Christy Beasley

Springer Mtn + Benton MacKaye Hike

Saturday we had a great family hike on part of the AT, Springer Mountain, and then we also the Benton MacKaye to make a 5 mile loop.  It was soooo beautiful!  Weather was perfect, the fern and rhododendrons were everywhere, and the views were great!  I can't wait to do this loop again!

We had lunch in the best spot, MG got to do a little hiking out of the pack (which she loved), and I'm pretty sure I saw a bear!  Fabulous.  Below are a few photos and a little video!

Happy Monday friends!


July 7th Art Workshop Success!


These workshops are so fun to teach!  As I said on Facebook yesterday, it's just so rewarding hearing the kids talk about how AWESOME their paintings are.  Too much time is spent these days putting ourselves down and only taking notice of our shortcomings or the things we didn't accomplish or do correctly, and that same attitude creeps into our kids.  BUT in these workshops, kids are encouraged, and allowed to express their creativity and realize that they have some great ideas and can use their God-given gifts to create something uniquely beautiful....and I'm sooooo glad they recognize their masterpieces as "awesome"!  If you have a child that's struggling with confidence or just not in the mode of trusting themselves to "do" something MUST enroll them in one of my workshops!  I'm teaching techniques and a lot of things they'll be able to grow on for a long time, but most importantly I want them to know they are created in the image of a creative God, therefore they have an abundant gift of the best creativity there is to offer.  When they recognize that, fear is gone and the juices get flowing!


I often just set a date for a class with a certain age range, but I'm also open for suggestions if I don't have a class scheduled and you are ready to enroll your child.  Just shoot me an email at and we can chat about building a new workshop date. 


Thanks to all the great parents to who give these experiences to your children!  It makes me smile so big!


It's a Beasley Fourth!


We had a super fun 4th of July at Lake Lanier Islands yesterday!  I had really forgotten how great it is to live around Lake Lanier, and can't believe we don't go to the Islands more!  MG was in heaven with all the water stuff of course, playing in the sand, and tackling the waves in the BIG wave pool!  It's a little wild, because she doesn't have a single fear of, at all.  She wants to jump right in, get her face all in it, drink a lot of water, and splashes like crazy!  I'm sure that's good, but I'm thinking we need to hurry and enroll in some swimming lessons since she is so eager. 

I'm gonna slam a gallery of photos below here!  I recommend anyone with little kids/toddlers to take advantage of Lake Lanier could easily spend a full day there!  They have a great little area for babies too, which is hard to find at a lot of places! 

On another note, I'm so thankful MG slept through all the fireworks that we can hear at our house from the lake...goodness it was loud for a few nights there! 

Enjoy the photos! (and don't miss the video at the bottom!)


Mommy-Artist almost fail + Finished Work

I'm soooooo eager to paint right now!!!

I'm in one of those modes where I just can't get enough of the creativity out of me...those are good feelings...and annoying ones when your time is so choppy or just not available.  But it's all good!  I'm learning more and more how to roll with the little moments I have!

So, Monday afternoon was quite hilarious...almost NOT hilarious.  As most of you know, I have a hard time getting MG to tap a nap, so I really take advantage of those 30 minutes that she does nap.  Monday afternoon, after a long morning of teaching music lessons, I finally got MG down for her little nap.  I run down to the studio at lightening speed!  Here's the thing, my studio is directly below her nursery....and we live in a 1940's house and the floor is not insulated!  Which means everything can be heard.  Honestly, there's a tiny pinhole in the hardwood floor of her room, and from up there you can look down and tell if the light is on in my studio.  So, I have to be quiet as a mouse while painting...which is hard!  Monday, I set a HUGE hunk of oak on my table top easel on top of my METAL table.  Yeah, the second I laid the brush on the big hunk of wood, the easel collapsed, the hunk of wood hit the metal table, not only making a huge BANG but also rattling the metal pan on the table and knocking over a glass jar of brushes.  Seriously.  My heart dropped.  I looked at the baby monitor and she certainly was awoken and flopping around.  I was devastated and seriously went to praying! "God, you knoooooow I'm just down here innocently painting....actually painting YOUR word!  Pleeeeeeeeease cover my mistake and let my baby go back to sleep!!!"  And would you know, miraculously she did!  For 30 minutes, which I expected, and I was soooo thankful for that 30 minutes.

 Here's the finished piece!  It's the song "As the deer"  and the scripture.

Here's the finished piece!  It's the song "As the deer"  and the scripture.

And a little video of the finished work!

Hope y'all are having a terrific week!!!  Tell me mamas, what the thing you rush off to do the second your baby is down for a nap?